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The Museum offers many ways for students to participate in enriching activities, competitions, awards, scholarships and more. Check out some of them...

[Competitions for Innovation and Invention] including the Bubble Wrap Competition and Erden Eruc's journey.

[Student Ideas for a Better America] If you've got a better way of doing something, enter and win $100, given each month!

[Young Entrepreneur Award] Taking your ideas to the next level? Show the world! There's a banquet in Akron waiting for you!

[Challenge List] Problem solvers, check this out, solve world problems, and get royalties.

Books by Homer Hickam
If you enjoyed the movie October Sky, you should read the book. In fact, you should read the new sequel The Coalwood Way. And, if science fiction is your bag, be sure to get Back to the Moon, Mr.Hickam's exciting sci-fi adventure based on his experience at NASA.

Rocket Camp

Inspired by the film October Sky, and the original Rocket Boys with their "Miss Riley Rocket", we are offering another year of Rocket Camps. Visit Rocket Camps

Marine Camp

Another successful year of Marine Camp was held in conjunction with the University of Akron, Ohio. It is a blend of biology and invention where students are designing a safer way to attach satellite beacons to various marine animals. This is a collaboration between the National Museum of Education, The University of Akron, Sea World of Ohio, and WhaleNet, Boston, MA.

"I Know I Can Fly"

A One-Act Play, written by award-winning playwright Duncan Othen, and other materials about the Wright Brothers designed to help schools raise money through their community. Part of the Great American Inventors Series.

Duncan Othen has written numerous plays which have been produced throughout the country and is the author of "Kindness Kills". Five of his plays have won national awards including "The Manhattan Rebellion". Mr Othen lives in Hudson, Ohio.

"Science By the Sea "

A cross-curricular package of materials designed around topics of coastal regions, the beach, and the animals that live there.

Foreign Travel Curriculum

Detailed instruction for organizing and safely conducting group travel, of any size, outside of the United States. Curriculum provides forms and documents to make travel safe and to avoid possible overseas problems. Written by a teacher with over 30 years and 30 trips experience.

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