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Welcome to the Headquarters for Invention and Education!
You'll find many exciting things to challenge your inventive spirit!
  • National Gallery for America's Young Inventors, the presitigious honor for kids k-12
  • Invention Comic Book of all National Gallery for America's Young Inventors
  • Current Invention Contests and Competitions for every kid and great prizes to win!
  • Interactive Online Activities and games to challenge your thinking, problem solving, and science skills
  • Database of Online Science Experiments and Cool Stuff
  • Extensive Internet links to Inventors, Inventions and How to Invent
  • Teacher Resources - free education and innovation printables for your students, lesson plans, invention graphic organizers, invention curriculum, recommended books, and more!
Hall of Fame - Student Inventors National Gallery for America's Young Inventors -- The Official Hall of Fame for Kids and Their Inventions!
Invention Contests for Kids - Competitions for Student Inventors CURRENT COMPETITIONS AND CONTESTS FOR KIDS AND STUDENTS K-12
Online Interactive Science Activities - Easy Science Experiements LINKS TO INTERACTIVE SCIENCE ON THE WEB
Biographies of Inventors - Ohio, American, World --- Sites about Invention LINKS ALL ABOUT INVENTION & INVENTORS
Teacher Resource Page Invention Resources for Teachers K-12
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