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Rocket Camp is designed for students entering grades 3 through 8. Certified teachers will conduct lessons and hands-on activities. The projects will be taught on the subjects of fuel, flight, blimps, aerodynamics, living in space and other fascinating topics. Students will make rockets and publish a camp newspaper.

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Rocket Camp was inspired by the Rocket Boys, who aredescribed in Homer Hickam's book "October Sky," and later in a feature film distributed by Universal. The boysovercame adversity living in a small, workingclassmining town by winning the State Science Fair with their rocket project and by laterattending college. This kindofdetermination and enthusiasm for science and rocketry is what Rocket Camp is all about.

Some of the pictures below are of the famous Rocket Boys in Akron, Ohio on behalf of the National Museum of Education, shooting off one of their mighty rockets inhonor of their teacher, Miss Freida J. Riley.


John Sorgi - The Sponsor of the Nation's First "Innovation Rocket Camp." Thanks to his generous spirit & his belief in science for youth.

The Rocket Boys, who inspired the camp, prepare for blast off !!

Rocket Boys & Gay Evans just before blast-off !!

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