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What is the Freida J. Riley Award?
This award annually recognizes an American teacher who overcame adversity or made enormous sacrifice, in order to positively impact students. The award is named after the teacher who inspired The Rocket Boys. To learn more about Miss Riley use the following link: [Miss Riley]

Who can receive the award?
We are seeking a teacher who embodies the enduring spirit of miss Riley -- one who has achieved great teaching goals in spite of hardships, and who has excelled despite adversity. This award will be present to an American teacher who:

  • Is working with a physical disability, or
  • Is dealing with an especially challenging educational environment, or
  • Has performed a heroic act for his/her students.

How can I apply or nominate someone?
You can download an application from our website.Use the following link: [application]

How is the award given?
The recipient of the Freida J. Riley Teacher Award will receive the following:

1. Recognition in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

2. Transportation to and from the awards site.

3. A $10,000 check to be used as the recipient wishes, sponsored by the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation.

4. A sculpture award sponsored by the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation, the National Museum of Education, and presented by Iva Riley Dean, the sister of Freida J. Riley.

5. Recognition nationally via the outreach of the participating sponsors.

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