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National Gallery for America's Young Inventors


If you are a national winner in an invention competition or hold a patent, read how to apply for induction in the National Gallery for America's Young Inventors!

(This is not a "competition", but it is the Nation's Top Honor and Recognition for Young Inventors,
ages 5-19!)

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Winner in National Student Invention Competition
Competitions & Programs Role & Function Number of Years

Inventucation Training

Innovative program for training teachers and students in the invention process...

Designed, Organized & Implemented the trademarked name; wrote training sessions for teachers; sponsored satellite office in New York; more in progress 8 Years
BubbleWrap® Competition, sponsored by the Sealed Air Corporation Designed, Created, Administered & Provided Semi-Finalist Judging 4 Years to Date
National Gallery for America's Young Inventors™ Designed, Created, Administered & Judged; Hosted Awards Program 14 Years to Date
National Gallery for America's Young Artists ™
in conjunction with Vatican Splendors Exhibit
Designed, Created, Administered & Judged 1 Year to Date
Rubber Band Contest, sponsored by the University of Akron, ACS, and the Akron Global Polymer Academy Designed, Created, Administered and Provided Semi-Finalist Judging Currently in second year
Student Ideas for a Better America™ Designed, Created, Administered & Judged 16 Years to Date
Duracell/NSTA Invention Challenge Designed & Annually Updated Challenge Booklet Yearly Convention Representative National Quarterly Presentations 18 Years
Erden Eruc's Circumnavigation Designed, Created, Administered & Judged 1 Year
Menches Hamburger Challenge Designed, Organized & Implemented the competition portion of this event with The Burton Morgan Foundation for "Destination College" students. 1 Year
Energizer for Innovation Program Collaborated on the Design & Organization, Administered & Taught the Program 1 Year
Toyota Tapestry Teacher Awards National Judge 15 Years
Universal Studios Orlando, Jimmy Neutron's NickToon Blast "Generation Genius" Inventor Contest Designed & Created the Contest, Wrote the Rules & Regulations, Administered, Semi-Finalist Judging 1 Year
"Great American Inventor Series: I Know I Can Fly", by award-winning playwright Duncan Othen Created & Developed the Fundraiser, Wrote the One Act Play
NSF (National Science Foundation) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Workshops & Entrepreneurial Training with the University of Akron Supervisors for Middle School Program 1 Year
Biz Camp - NFTE (National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship) Designed & Taught the Innovation Portion of the Program 2 Years
Teacher Ideas for a Better America™ Designed, Created, Administered & Judged 15 Years
NIH (National Institute of Health) Middle School Curriculum on High Blood Pressure Advisor & Consultant for National Focus Group 1 Year
National Frey Science Contest Designed, Wrote & Judged 2 Years
Odyssey of the Mind™ Coach Judge, Regional Director, State President, & Annually Collaborated 16 Years
Seiko Youth Challenge National Judge, Collaborator on Rule Development 4 Years
KidVention (TGIF) Toy and Game Industry Foundation Collaborated on the Rules & Regulations 1 Year
Sears/Craftsman NSTA Young Inventors Competition Designed & Created the Competition, Wrote & Edited the Teachers' Guide 8 Years
Freida J. Riley Teacher Award™ Program Designed, Organized, Administered & Judged 7 Years
Christopher Columbus Middle School Community Awards National Semi-final Judge 4 Years
Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Awards Program National Semi-final Judge 1 Year
Sonny Sneed Young Entrepreneur Award Designed, Organized. Implemented and Judged 11 years to current
Innovation Rocket Camp Designed, Organized & Implemented 6 Years
Marine Quest 1492 Designed, Collaborated, Organized & Implemented 8 Years
Space Day Created, wrote, and implemented Design Challenges in conjunction with Space Day events 4 Years
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