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NMOE in conjunction with Allegro Productions, Inc. has generated a call to action by the business community to pose a variety of issue-oriented problems for students. These problems will be posted on NMOE's web-based list of Motorola Challenges. The program creates a multi-faceted opportunity for students to:

1. Choose a challenge: An opportunity to learn the process of managing a project and how to solve challenges by building on the strengths of their classmates
2. Link to a mentor: Learn from a guest expert in the field
3. Enter completion: Develop public communication skills

Your school is invited to register for this program by developing a project that provides a solution to a "challenge" and engages students in a class-wide effort. You may select from one of the online challenges currently online, or submit your own idea to NMOE for review and approval (

To assist your students in their efforts, we asked Motorola engineers, scientists, project managers and other professionals to volunteer as "virtual mentors" and participate in "virtual classroom visits via Skype™."

"Virtual" mentors may discuss current research, sources of information, best practices on project management and teamwork as well as other appropriate guidance to students as they develop their projects. The live exchange of dialogue between the scientists/experts and students is designed to inspire creative ideas and help develop an understanding of how science and technology are the fundamental drivers of a modern society. As a result, this program will stimulate students' interest in a science-based career.

Solutions will be submitted through the Official Entry Form and may include an optional multimedia presentation. The online registration process will allow schools to use NMOE as a information resource and to address any inquiries they have via e-mail, Skype™ or phone.

A panel of experts representing the business, science and academic communities will make semi-finalist and finalist selections. Student semi-finalists and finalists will present their projects through videotaped presentations (as listed in the entry form). Prizes will be awarded for the best solutions as follows:


The prizes will include the following monetary awards to be used for the winning schools’ science program and a custom-made trophy as determined by Motorola:

Three Top-Prize teams will receive
Three Runner-Up teams will receive
$ 500
Four Honorable Mention teams will receive
$ 125

All participating schools will receive the award-winning Science Screen Report DVD series to keep at no cost.


Participation in the STUDENTS INNOVATE FOR A BETTER AMERICA Competition© is now available nationwide at no cost thanks to a grant from the Motorola Foundation.
The science department chairperson or designated teacher should register your school on the National Museum of Education's website.

This pilot program extended to the first 50 middle schools and 50 high schools to register.

You will require the following TECHNOLOGY to participate in the "virtual visits":

  • Classroom/lecture hall with high speed internet access
  • Skype™ address. You can download software and register at
  • Computer with monitor, microphone, speakers and a webcam
  • Based on the size of the classroom it is recommended the monitor be at least 17"; a TV monitor will also work or you can connect the computer to a projector and large screen
  • Webcams are available for purchase at any office supply/technology store. Skype™ recommends:
    • LAPTOPS: Logitech Quickcam Pro© for Notebooks high-performance webcam with autofocus (approx. $30)
    • PC's: Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 Razor Sharp Video with Autofocus© (approx. $75)
    • MAC: Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac© (approx. $130)

Once your school has registered as one of the first 100 schools to be part of the STUDENTS INNOVATE FOR A BETTER AMERICA Competition©, you will be ready to begin.


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