Students Innovate for a Better America Competition Students Innovate for a Better America Competition Students Innovate for a Better America Competition Students Innovate for a Better America Competition


  1. First, register your team online. If your school is one of the 100 registered to participate in this project and to benefit from the "Virtual Scientist Guest Lecture Series©," contact Fallon Costigan at 1-800-233-2133 ext 266 or e-mail: Allegro Productions will work with you and your "virtual mentor" to arrange the schedule for presentations.
  2. Set up a schedule for ongoing mentorship with your "virtual scientist" or your local Motorola volunteer mentor.
  3. Ensure an in-school location where you will best benefit from the Skype™ lectures (see technology requirements).
  4. All students are encouraged to participate in the development of these projects. Part of the judging process will be to determine the extent of collaboration.
  5. Select a challenge from the online "Motorola Challenge List.
  6. Select a student to act as the project manager.
  7. Choose a student data logger who will document important details from your "virtual scientist's" Skype™ lecture, and who will create a log of your class's progress as they research the solution to the selected challenge.
  8. Determine weekly times when research may be conducted.
  9. Continue interaction with the "virtual scientist"/mentor.
  10. Develop a business plan, including possible funding sources and prospective revenue streams to solve your selected challenge. Please use the Business Plan format included on the entry form.
  11. List what types of jobs might result from this innovation (the solution to your challenge).
  12. Document the roles of each team member in solving this challenge to show evidence of teamwork. Be sure to include the Project Manager and Data Logger.
  13. State the mechanism for measuring the project's success in an Evaluation Plan.
  14. Students may develop a 10 minute videotaped presentation describing their project (optional unless chosen as a Semi-Finalist). Videos should be videotaped and submitted on a DVD, CD, VHS or flash drive. Complete an Official Entry Form. Please submit only one entry from your school.
  15. Submit your Official Entry Form and all components to the National Museum of Education, Inc., along with any optional visuals of your challenge solution by February 9, 2011 at 5:00p.m. EST.
    National Museum of Education, 1145 Highbrook Street, Suite 308, Akron, OH 44301
    (330) 376-0566
    (330) 376-8300

    If you are considering fax entry, please note the quality of faxed materials may diminish (particularly any photos or visuals). There may also be time constraints when attempting to fax materials on the due date or when e-mailing at the last minute.

  16. Your solution to the online challenge must be the original idea of your team.
  17. There must be a bibliography page listing all non-original materials referenced. Please use the standard APA bibliography format.
  18. Please ask parents/guardians to complete a permission slip for their child to participate in this program that will be videotaped or photographed for judging purposes.
  19. Each entry must also include the signature of the teacher who has registered to work with the team.
  20. All entry form and visuals become the property of the National Museum of Education and will not be returned.
  21. Entries that do not meet the above guidelines will be excluded.
  22. A Visual Presentation is optional at the entry level. However, should your team be selected as a semi-finalist team, you will need to send a visual presentation which may be photos, a VHS, a CD, a DVD or a PowerPoint depending upon the accessibility of your school's media.


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