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“Generation Genius” Inventor Contest

Meet the winners:

• Tessanie Marek, 11 years old, of Salado, Texas
Invention: Easy Crutches—allows a user of crutches to rest his/her foot while walking instead of having to hold it up. The invention contains a pedal that is screwed to the crutch at the level and angle needed to support the foot.
• Stephanie Mui, 10 years old, of North Brunswick, New Jersey
Invention: See and Tweezz—makes it easier to remove small splinters and ticks through a magnifying glass, tweezers and light combined into one invention.
• Matthew Nettleton, 8 years old, of Rochester, New York
Invention: Pin Picker invention—picks up and retrieves sewing pins that have dropped to the floor. This enables you to find and reuse sewing needles, and it works on both hard floors and rugs.
• Paul Simmons, 11 years old, of Rochester, New York
Invention: Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl—double bowl with springs, allows you to enjoy your non-soggy cereal with just the right amount of milk.
• Spencer Whale, 11 years old, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Invention: KidKare Ride Toys—allows hospitalized and sick children to ride up and down the halls of the hospital or outside at home while still receiving their I.V. solutions since the I.V. pole is attached directly to the toy ride car or wagon.
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