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2008 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ronald Mallett
Ronald Mallett

Dr. Ronald Mallett is a world-renowned theoretical physicist and currently teaches as a full professor at the University of Connecticut. In 1973 he received his doctorate in General Physics from Pennsylvania State University. He has published in the areas of classic and quantum theory of black holes, relativistic astrophysics, and quantum cosmology.

Dr. Ronald Mallett first dreamed about building a time machine as a boy, after reading H. G. WellsÕs classic novel The Time Machine. Dr. Mallett, along with a team of physicists nationwide, has plans for the worldÕs first time machine. They have generated a great deal of attention from their work in relativity and gravitation as it relates to time travel. Dr. Mallett presented these theories when he was recently featured in an hour-long documentary on relativity on The Learning Channel, and on the National Geographic Channel, ÒNaked ScienceÓ, Time Travel.

His blueprint takes off from Albert EinsteinÕs general theory of relativity, which states that anything with mass or energy distorts the space and time around it. Did you know that clocks on Earth run slower than clocks far out in space because earthÕs enormous mass slows time? Light is a form of energy that can bend space and time. Dr. Mallett thinks he can distort time with narrow beams of high-energy light Ð lasers.

Mallett hopes to build a time machine from an intensely powerful laser ring Ð a narrow beam of high-energy light that is reflected by a series of mirrors to form a loop of light. The ring would stir that space and time inside it like water in a whirlpool. Mallett will test his time machine with a type of subatomic particle, perhaps a neutron. When the laser ring is activated, a neutron shot into the loop of light might disappear and then reappear at some time in the past. He foresees a day when his time machine will receive mes- sages from the future.

As a celebrated scientist, Mallett is the subject of an upcoming Spike Lee movie. Film rights to the highly recognized book, TIME TRAVELER by Dr. Ronald Mallett with Bruce Henderson have been acquired by director Spike Lee's production company, Forty Acres & A Mule Filmworks, Inc. The Emmy-winning and Academy Award-nominated Lee will co-write the script and direct.


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