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Full Name Service Year(s) City State National Gallery Inductee Year
Alexia Abernathy 1997-99 Grand Rapids IA 1996
Christina Adams 2002 Bartlesville OK 2001
Blake Alfson 2008-10 Hayden Lake ID
Tanya Anderson 1996-97 Mount Vernon WA
Chloe Binczyk 2012-13 Shaker Heights OH
John Boykin III 2010-11 Brunswick OH
Christi Ann Calfee 1997-98 Cuyahoga Falls OH
Gaurab Chakrabarti 2005 Sugar Land TX
Brian Clement 2007-08 Longview TX
Deanna Cunningham 1999 Uniontown OH
Kate Daughrill 2000-01 Mandeville LA
Valerie Ding 2013 Portland OR
Richard Endean, Jr. 1996-97 Pinebrook NJ
Jason Fitzer 2003-04 Bieber CA
Hailey Foreman 2010-12 Huntersville NC
Sarah Friedberg 2005-07 Columbus OH
Rachel Friedstein 2000-01 Hungtington NY
Uriah Gilmore 1998 Cleveland OH
Aaron Glass 1999 Elon College NC
Cassidy Goldstein 2004-05 Scarsdale NY
Andrew Holbrook 1998 Madison WI
Hannah Hood 2009-12 Winchester OH
Brandace J.R. Hopper 2000 Miami FL
William Jack 2011-12 Hudson OH
Ben Kettlewell 1996-97 Danville PA
Emily King 2013 Broadview Heights OH
Eric Kinzel 2002-06 Tallmadge OH
Benjamin Kirksey 1996 Canton OH  
Ariel Krasik-Geiger 2003-04 Seattle WA 1998
Amy Liu 2006 North Canton OH
Sara Lute 2008 Akron OH
Chandler Macocha 2007 Oxford MI 2004
Eric Mansfield 2005 St. James NY
Michelle Marquez 2014 Midlothian VA
Samantha Marquez 2012-13 Midlothian VA 2011
John Adam McClendon 1996 Wakeman OH
Karoline Evin McMullen 2005-07 Chesterland OH
Karoline Evin McMullen 2008 Alumni Advisor
Ashley Michalek 1998-2002 Richmond TX
Kurt Miller 1998-99 Arlington VA
Heather Mispagel 2002-03 Athens GA
Vinayak Muralidhar 2006 Chandler AZ
Ana Marie Navarro 1996-97 Minnetonka MN
Ryan Prickler 2013 Akron OH
Erin Richardson 2000-01 Spokane WA
Katie Robison 2007 Hudson OH
Grayson Rosenberger 2009-10 Nashville TN
Calvin David Rowe 2001 Glenwood IL
Erika Sanders 1996-98 Tallmadge OH
Brian Schreyer 1999 Norwood NJ 1998
Kyra Sedansk 2000-03 Shaker Heights OH
Rich Stachowski 2004 Orinda CA
Devin Ta 2013 Canton OH
Tuyen Quang Thai 2000-02 Cleveland OH
Caitlin Tweed 2004 Houston TX
Sujay Tyle 2008-09 Pittsford NY
Robert (Matt) VanSickle 1996 Dalzell SC
Michelle Vawter 2010-11 Westerville OH 2009
BongBi Vue 2008-09 Akron OH
Andi Wang 2013 Orange OH
Brandon Whale 2006-07 Pittsburgh PA 1998
Spencer Whale 2008-09 Pittsburgh PA 2000
Mark David Wright 2011-12 Westerville OH 2009
Kevin Yang 2013 Hudson OH  
Grant Zempolich 2013-14 Shaker Heights OH  

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