2007 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the first ever Bubble Wrap® Competition for Young Inventors!

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    Grayson Rosenberger -- Bubble Wrap® Cosmetic Covering Shell for Artificial Legs in Developing Countries

    Age 14 – Grade 8 - Franklin Road Academy - Nashville, TN

Description: Cost-effective, cosmetic skin covering for artificial limbs designed to disguise the metal prosthetic limb.  Lightweight and inexpensive.  Intended for disabled people in developing nations who might otherwise be viewed as cursed or "incomplete people".

    Megan Guerrero -- The Empire State Building - A 3-Dimensional Construction Project

    Age 13 – Grade 8 - Home Schooled - San Angelo, TX

Description: Very impressive 3D puzzle that uses custom-cut pieces of Bubble Wrap® to build a 2.5 foot replica of the Empire State Building.


    Alex Chalcraft -- The Easy Check Chore Chart
    Age 13 – Grade 8 - Gethsemane Lutheran - Gilbert, AZ

Description: Lists a series of chores and allows children to pop a bubble every time they complete a chore. Pictures of the task are included for children who are not old enough to read.